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We Honor Your Great Pet!

Halo Effects Announces "My Great Pet"

Are only "people" allowed to have web pages?  We don't think so!  As a follow-on to the highly-reviewed Sainthood.com (see below), Halo Effects, Inc. announced "My Great Pet" (www.mygreatpet.com), a unique service to let pet owners (and pet friends!) honor their pets by easily creating a web page that will feature their pet's picture in a sylvan setting, noting all the wonderful qualities of Rover, Butch or Missy!

Sainthood.Com Opens for Business and Talk Radio Loves It!

Just a few days after our first press release, Oklahoma City (KJYO), Denver (KBCO), Wilkes-Barre (WBHT), Boise (KJOT), San Francisco (KFOG), San Jose (KFOX), Las Vegas (KTNV-TV), Anchorage (KMXS), Vancouver (CKNW), the CBS Network (KNX and others) and Hobbs (NM, KHOB) were calling to see if this was a serious business!   Of course it's a business, but it surely is not serious, except to recognize there may be a little saintly-ness in all of us!


Sainthood.com offers Cyber Sainthood on the Internet

(Contact: Bob Schmitt (818) 233-0262, bob.schmitt@sainthood.com)

War buddies reunite to form Internet company

Toluca Lake, California, June 14, 1999 - Forty years ago, Captain George Proudfoot and 1st Lieutenant Bob Schmitt were "Apple Flight" in VMFA-314, sharing the cockpit of a Marine F-4 Phantom jet flying combat missions over Viet Nam. They recently joined forces again to create Halo Effects, Inc. Today they announced the launch of their Web site Sainthood.com. The site provides individuals with a unique way to recognize someone--by nominating them for sainthood.

"Let's face it, becoming a real saint is just too difficult for people of average (even above average) goodness." said Proudfoot, "If Mother Theresa is still waiting, what chance do the rest of us have? Sainthood.com was created to make it possible for the saint in your life to get immediate recognition."

At Sainthood.com, you nominate someone for Cyber Sainthood by supplying a saint name and a citation listing the reasons the person is deserving of this honor. The new saint will receive either a Proclamation of Sainthood certificate or a link to their personal Cyber Shrine (or both).  The resulting products from Sainthood.com will show the saint's name, the citation, and other personalized information. Both the certificate and shrine will have the saint's feast day, so it can be properly celebrated each year. In addition, if a photo of the new saint is sent by e-mail or regular mail, the photo (with appropriate halo) will appear on the shrine and certificate. The end result is a beautiful, highly personalized form of recognition and appreciation.

One of the early Cyber Saints, St. Page of Lochmere, said: "Being made a saint was truly amazing. I have my sainthood certificate hanging in my office and am insisting my friends use my proper title while referring to me now."

Sainthood recognition is a wonderful gift for a birthday, or other special occasion. Sainthood Certificates start at $24.99, and Cyber Shrines at $9.95. Although Sainthood.com is set up primarily for on-line ordering through a secure Internet site, orders can also be made by phone, fax, or mail.

The two founders of the company had gone their separate ways after the Marine Corps, but decided to go into business together when Schmitt got the idea for the company after an impulsive promise to thank a friend who he felt "was a real saint." He said, "I promised Dawn I'd log on to the Vatican's web site to recognize her 'saintly' patience with my car hobby, but the Vatican wasn't user-friendly and didn't offer on-line canonization. I then realized we could offer something unique on the Internet that would be both fun and special."

Toluca Lake is a Los Angeles neighborhood located immediately adjacent to Burbank between the Warner Brother's and Universal Pictures studios.  It's known as "The Village" to its residents, which have included Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Amelia Earhart and Jonathan Winters over its history.

Visit the Website at www.sainthood.com to get more information, or contact Bob Schmitt at (818) 563-1419, bob.schmitt@sainthood.com###

What's Next for Halo Effects?

Cyber Saints are just the beginning and the former flyers of Apple Flight are working on another cyber-recognition project: 

"If your friends boast about their home page, this is your opportunity to show a little frugal classiness - how can a mere web page compare with a Cyber Shrine?  But we realize Cyber Sainthood may not be exactly the right form of recognition for everyone, so check back with Halo Effects in a few weeks - we think you'll like our ideas!"

Sainthood.com Products

Sainthood Proclamation

The “Proclamation of Sainthood” is a high-quality reproduction of an original work by artist Lynden Keith Johnson (Cupertino, CA)  printed on parchment paper. It certifies the new Cyber Saint’s status and can be optionally personalized with the saint's picture! This is a great gift or recognition award for someone special. A congratulatory letter from the First Cyber Church of the Millennium will be mailed with the certificate.  The Standard proclamation has a portrait of St. Cyber, painted by a Russian icon artist.

Special Photo Option

If you optionally supply a photo of your saint, we will sepia-tone it and put a halo on the new Cyber Saint's picture. The Cyber Saint’s picture is then  printed on the “Proclamation of Sainthood“ certificate or appears on the Cyber Shrine.

Cyber Shrine

The Cyber Shrine is a replica of a shrine (designed and built by the same artist as the proclamation certificate) which you would find in an old church or temple, except it exists only in the First Cyber Church of the Millennium’s “virtual cathedral”. A congratulatory e-mail will provide the “keys” (URL address and password) to this private alcove only to the Cyber Saint. The Cyber Shrine can be viewed for one year and then can be renewed on the Cyber Saint’s feast day!


The Cyber Shrine and Proclamation of Sainthood certificate are personalized with:
  • The Cyber Saint’s newly proclaimed name – for example, “St. Nikki of Van Nuys”
  • The saint’s feast day - usually a birthday
  • The reasons for sainthood which you’ve supplied. The web site has examples.
  • An optional “Patron Saint of…” to recognize a special hobby or interest - such as “Patron Saint of Lawn Bowling”
  • The name of the person or group giving the Cyber Sainthood is featured in the congratulatory letter or e-mail.
  • The First Cyber Church of the Millennium will send the new Cyber Saint a congratulatory card on his or her feast day.

Cyber Sainthood Prices

Standard, with St. Cyber in 11"x14" Frame with Saint's Photo with Saint's Photo, in Frame
Sainthood Proclamation Certificate $24.95 $44.95 $34.95 $54.95
Cyber Shrine $9.95 - $19.95 -
Combo (Certificate and Cyber Shrine) $29.95 $49.95 $39.95 $59.95

Prices do not include shipping.  All products shipped by USPS Priority Mail; add $4.00 for unframed certificates, $5.00 for framed certificates.  Orders may be placed through the Sainthood.com web site secure server and by mail, fax or phone.  All major credit cards accepted.

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